IJED 19(2) April-June 2023

Published On: 2023-06-23 12:18:02

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Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 19 Number 2, April-June 2023

Research Articles

1. Optimal crop production programme for income and employment enhancement of farmers in Andhra Pradesh: Madhurima U., Umadevi K. and Sastry T.V.N.

2. Determinants of farm household socio-economic vulnerability induced by climate change in Maharashtra: Regression Tree Approach: Chaitanya Ashok Adhav, Sendhil R. and Gunjan Bhandari

3. Determinants of microfinance development in Vietnam: H. V. Son and N. V. Trai

4. A comparative study of the extent of crop diversification and price realization among users and non-users of cold storage farm households in Assam: Suranjan Patowary

5. Consumer Response to COVID-19 Induced Lockdown in India: Kamlesh Kumar Acharya, A.G. Adeeth Cariappa, Chaitanya A. Adhav, Sendhil R. and P. Ramasundaram

6. A Comparative study on economics of traditional versus Popular variety of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) plantations in Karnataka: Ashoka N., Shashidhara N., Pallavi G., Raju R and Ganeshgouda I. Patil

7. An empirical analysis of India-ASEAN trade dynamics: Saba Gulnaz and Hemlata Manglani

8. Value Chain Analysis for Robusta Coffee in Kodagu District of

Karnataka: Sushma M. Prakash, Pradeepa Babu B.N. and Jaganath Olekar

9. Analysis of Terms of Trade of Agricultural Commodities in Afghanistan: Mohammad Ismail Hashime and Virendra Singh

10. Indian banana industry: Unlocking the production and trade potential: Rachana Bansal and A.S. Shaikh

11. Dynamics of cotton farming in the Kalahandi district of Odisha: Madhubrata Rayasingh A.B. Debasis Rout and Mitali Chinara

12. Financial inclusion among agricultural households in Uttarakhand: Tanuj Kumar, Arjinder Kaur and Amit Guleria 

13. Economic gains obtained by the collectors from non-timber forest products in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir: Yudhishther Singh Bagal, Rakesh Nanda, L.K. Sharma and Narinder Singh Raina

14. Energy consumption and economic growth in India: Archna Chaudhry, Chandni and Monika

15. Sources of business cycle volatility in the Indian Economy: Zeeshan Nezami Ansari, Rajendra Narayan Paramanik and Kundan Kumar

16. Determinants of ceramic products manufacturing Workers’ income in

India: Empirical evidence from NSO-PLFS Data: Dikshika Jakhar, Neeru Sidana and Jaspal Singh

17. Regional Disparities in Agriculture Development in Haryana during

Post Liberalisation Era: Devender and Jagdeep Kumar

18. The extent of market dependence and expenditure pattern of casual labour in Rajasthan: Vikalp Sharma, G.L. Meena, Latika Sharma, Hari Singh, Bhupendra Upadhayay and K. K. Yadav

19. An Analysis of Marigold Marketing Facilities in Haryana: Neelam Kumari, Pooja Dangi Arun and Pankaj Yadav

20. Urbanization and informal economy: A case study of street vegetable vendors in Sambalpur City: Bhumisuta Bhoi and Arabinda Sharma

21. Decomposition of changes in break-even output and scenario building for major crops of Madhya Pradesh: Ankita Rajput, Gourav Kumar Vani, and Poonam Chaturvedi

Review Article

22. Direct cash transfer and farm income: A meta-analysis of South Asian Countries: Hari Ram Prajapati and Shivkanya Prajapati

Research Notes

23. System of rice intensification (SRI) in Tripura: A reflection: Saddam Hossen Majumder and Biswajit Mondal

24. Impact of industrial effluents on crop production in Central Brahmaputra Valley Zone of Assam: Dipjyoti Bharali, Dibyajyoti Shyam, Pompi Dutta, Horindra Gogoi, and R.N. Barman

25. Constraints hindering the adoption of the crop insurance scheme in

Himachal Pradesh: Deepali Chadha and S.K. Srivastava

26. Resource use efficiency of fennel cultivation in Rajasthan: An economic analysis: P. Choudhary, S. Kharkwal, P.S. Shekhawat and S. Jain

27. Economic analysis of different conservation technologies in rainfed maize under Jammu Conditions: Tejbir Singh Buttar and Vikas Sharma

28. Perception of farm households on the impact of migration of rural youths: Abhilash Singh Maurya, Joginder Singh, Ayush Mishra, Shivam, and P.K. Nimbrayan

Book review

Abstracts (Doctoral dissertation)