Indian Journal of Economics and Development

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Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 14 No.1, January-March, 2018

Research Articles
Financial feasibility analysis of pomegranate production in Solapur district of Maharashtra
G.D. Rede and K. Bhattacharyya
Agricultural development and food security in Odisha
Bidhan Kumar Mohapatra  
Evaluation of adoption of precision farming and its profitability in banana crop
Denny Franco, Dharam Raj Singh and K.V. Praveen
Farm mechanization in Himachal Pradesh: Constraints, status and its role in augmenting farm incomes
Virender Kumar, S K Chauhan, Harbans Lal, Rajesh Thakur and Divya Sharma
Comparison of financial literacy among women self help group members engaged in weaving and coir activities in Salem district of Tamil Nadu
N. Jayashree, N. Deepa, and A. Raj Shravanthi
Comparative study of bullish option payoffs in USD-INR market
Avneet Kaur, Sandeep Kapur and Mohit Gupta
An economic analysis of traditional and evolved basmati in Punjab (India)
Navdeep Kaur and V.K. Sharma
Marketing pattern and price spread of green fodder in Punjab state
Harparteet Singh, Varinder Pal Singh and Inderpreet Kaur
An economic analysis of precision agriculture-A case study of paddy in north eastern Karnataka
K. Shruthi, G.M. Hiremath, Amrutha T. Joshi and Suresh S. Patil
Marketing pattern and efficiency of Khasi Mandarin in Meghalaya
Sukheimon Passah and A.K. Tripathi
Status and determinants of crop insurance in Gujarat
Shiv Raj Singh, K.P. Thakar, and C. Soumya  
Nature and extent of industrial employment of migrant labourers in Punjab
Jasdeep Singh Toor and Ketanpreet Kaur
Indebtedness among marginal and small farmers in rural Punjab
Rupinder Kaur, Sukhvir Kaur, Anupama, Gurinder Kaur and Gian Singh â-Convergence of real per capita GDP in BRICS economies
Sayel Basel and R. Prabhakara Rao
Seasonal migration and livelihood of marginalised communities-A case study in Boudh district of Odisha 316 Chittaranjan Nayak and Chinmaya Ranjan Kumar
Indebtedness among weaker sections in rural areas of south-west Punjab
Manvir Kaur, R.K. Mahajan and Rupinder Kaur
Cointegration among major cauliflower markets in Punjab
Shruti Mohapatra, Jasdev Singh and Sanjay Kumar
Performance appraisal of working capital funding products and risk management practices in private banking sector  A case study of Kotak Mahindra Bank
Isha Chawla
Economics of atta chaki enterprise in Punjab: A study of an agro-based industry
Pardeep Kaur and Mini Goyal

Compositional shift analysis of Gujarat livestock population Mahammadhusen
Khorajiya, R. L. Shiyani, N. J. Ardeshna, M. G. Dhandhalya and B. Swaminathan Research Notes
Agricultural credit availed and its utilization on large sampled households in Punjab
Sukhdeep Singh, Arjinder Kaur, and Poonam Kataria
Growth and instability in area, production and productivity of mango crop in Gujarat
Hamidullah Younisi and J.J. Makadia
An economic analysis of food consumption pattern in West Bengal with special reference to dairy products
Arnab Roy and Ravinder Malhotra
Consumers' willingness to pay for organic fruits and vegetables and its market potential in Bengaluru district, Karnataka
L.K. Adarsha, M. Mohan Kumar and D. Jennie Samuelnavaraj
Problems faced by the borrowers in utilization and acquiring of co-operative bank loans in Nagaland
Keviu Shuya and Amod Sharma
The policy analysis matrix of maize cultivation in Andhra Pradesh
M. Srikala
Economic analysis of gerbera cultivation in protected condition in south Gujarat
Smita Kumari, Narendra Singh, D.J. Chaudhari and V.M. Thumar
Economic sustainability of systems of rice intensification (SRI) in Gumla district of Jharkhand
Tulika Kumari, Binita Kumari, Priyanka Lal and Ritu Rathod Review Article
Perception, utilization, and management of renewable natural resources by rural women: A brief review
Jaspreet Kaur, Ritu Mittal, Varinder Randhawa
Theses Abstract 397