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Indian Journal of Economics and Development, Volume 17 (1) January-March, 2021

  1. An Economic Analysis of Milk Production and Profitability of Dairy Farms in Haryana (19126): Jagdish Kumar, Nirmal Kumar, Jitender Kumar Bhatia, Dalip Kumar Bishnoi, and Raj Kumar
  2. A Comparative Analysis for Factors Affecting Food Choice among Rural and Urban Household of Central Gujarat (20143): Gautam Parmar, and Raju M. Rathod
  3. A Cross Country Study of Financial Inclusion and Economic Development with Special Emphasis on India (20245): Aniruddh Sahai and Ravinder Kumar
  4. Socio-economic Development of Darjeeling Himalayas: Categorical Principal Component Analysis (CATPCA) and Ordinal Logistic Regression (OLR) (20198): Urgen Dukpa and Sayel Basel
  5. Do Self-Help Groups Empower the Women? Evidences from Nuh District of Haryana (20243): Vikram Mahipal
  6. Influence of Social Media on Consumer Buying Decision Process (20137): Anchal Gupta, Gagandeep Banga and Babita Kumar 
  7. Emerging Trends and Patterns of Agricultural Risk and Insurance in Uttar Pradesh: Farm Level Evidence from Bundelkhand Region (20125): Sanjeev Kumar and Sandeep Kumar Baliyan 
  8. The Impact of Institutional Credit on Agricultural Output in India: An Empirical Analysis (20267): Dinkar Nayak and Rubina Barodawala 
  9. Bank Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Economy: A Theoretical Review (20195): Ajay Massand 
  10. Technical efficiency of Aggregatum Onion Production in Peri-urban areas of Coimbatore City (20151): N.Sahaanaa, T.Alagumani and C.Velavan
  11. Factors Affecting Shift from Paddy to Maize Cultivation in Punjab (20218): Pardeep Kalia and Paramjeet Kaur Dhindsa
  12. Trade Specialisation Pattern of Indian Agriculture under the Influence of WTO: A Study based on Galtonian Regression (20290): Shabana Anjum and Md Sahnewaz Sanu
  13. Pattern and Employment Structure of Casual Workers in Punjab (20171); Raja Singh
  14. Use of the Stochastic Frontier Approach to Assessing the Impacts of Ownership Structure on the Efficiency of the Construction Industry in Vietnam (20211): Hong Nham N.T., Hong Tam L.T., The Dong P.
  15. Rural Non-Farm Employment in Punjab: Nature, Pattern, and Determinants (20112): Neeraj Sharma and  Harinder Mohan 
  16. Technological change in Banana Production: A Comparative Analysis of Drip and Traditional Method of Cultivation in Middle Gujarat (20226): Rachana Kumari Bansal, A. S. Shaikh, and Y. C. Zala
  17. Farmers’ Perceptions towards Climate Change and its Adaptation Strategies in Hamirpur District of Himachal Pradesh (20168):  Shilpa Rani and R.S. Prasher
  18. Performance of Khadi and Village Industries in Jammu and Kashmir under Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (20144): Shazia Hussain, Aijaz Abdullah, and Fayaz Ahmad 
  19. Socio-Economic and Demographic Analysis of International Migration from Rural Punjab: A Case Study of Patiala District (20083): Gurinder Kaur, Gian Singh, Dharampal, Rashmi, Rupinder Kaur, Sukhvir Kaur, and Jyoti
  20. Temporal Analysis of Operational Costs of Paddy and Wheat Crops in Punjab (20263): Kamala and S.K. Chauhan. 
  21. Economic Analyzing of Non-Farm and Off-Farm Income Sector-A Way Ahead In Making Farmers Income Profitable (20269): Minithra, and K.R.Ashok 
  22. Agricultural Sustainability in Punjab: Issues and Challenges (20020): Kuldeep Singh
  23. Effectiveness of Foreign Aid to India in Post-Liberalization era: The Self-Reliant India Expedition (20190): Zeenia Singh Ahluwalia and Rajinder Kaur
  24. Intricate Agribusiness in Potato Contract Farming in Gujarat: A Review (20272): Shakti Ranjan Panigrahy and S.S. Kalamkar 
  25. Impact Evaluation of the Scheme on SRI Implementation in Chhattisgarh (20140): Mamta Patel, R.M. Sahu, Sneha Pandey, and Jwala Parte