Indian Journal of Economics and Development

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Indian Journal of Economics and Development
Volume 14 No. 1a, April 2018

Sub-Theme-I: Economics of Crop Production, Technology, and Sustainability
Impact of neem-coated urea on production, productivity and soil health in Punjab
       D.K. Grover, J.M. Singh, Sanjay Kumar, and Jasdev Singh
Acreage response to weather, yield, and price of groundnut and sesamum growers in Gujarat for farmer's sustainability
       Ganga Devi, K.S. Jadav, and Ritambhara Singh
Assessing climate change impacts and vulnerability indices in regions of eastern Uttar Pradesh
       Harshika Choudhary, and P.S. Badal
Growth of sugarcane in Maharashtra and total factor productivity analysis
        D.J. Sanap, R.B. Hile, and D.B. Yadav
Potential of traditional irrigation system for sustainable development of hill agriculture
       Arushi Vyas, Mahima G. Ghabru, and K.D. Sharma
Development of optimum farm plans for enhancing farmers income in agrarian distressed marathwada through multi-criteria decision making in farm planning
       Vishal S. Thorat and Smita Sirohi
An economic analysis of bio-pesticides use in paddy farms of Kerala
       Neethu Thomas, M. Thilagavathi, K.R. Ashok, and T.R. Raguchander
A shift in traditional production system: A case study of natural rubber cultivation in Tripura
       Gaurav Sharma , N.M. Chauhana, and S.K. Dey
Drip irrigation system in cotton cultivation: One step enroute intended for sustainable agriculture
       Mandlik Jugal Amrutrao, Harshika Choudhary, Amita Maurya, and Virendra Singh
Effect of liberalization on growth and instability in area production and yield of major cereal crops in Maharashtra
        V.D. Waiwal, A.V. Gavali, and D.B. Yadav
A study of sustainable livelihood security in eastern Uttar Pradesh
        Amita Maurya, V. Kamalvanshi, C. Sen, and P.S. Badal
How profitable is agriculture in Indian Punjab: An insight from cost of cultivation survey
       Vikrant Dhawan, J.M. Singh, and Kashish
Adoption of resource conservation technologies for sustainable production: Evidence of potential impact from Haryana
       Anuj Kumar, Randhir Singh, Satyavir Singh, R. Sendhil, Ramesh Chand, and J.K. Pandey
Recommended technology is boon or bane for cotton crop in Punjab
       G.S. Romana and Sanjeev Kumar Kataria
Water and energy use efficiency of maize vis-à-vis paddy crop in Punjab agriculture: A move towards crop diversification
       Yugraj Singh and Baljinder Kaur Sidana
Analysis of inter-state differentials in performance of agriculture in India
       Amandeep Kaur and P. Kataria
Basmati cultivation for sustainable agriculture in Punjab
       Ajaypal Singh and D.K. Grover
Review of contract farming regulations with special reference to state of Maharashtra and Gujarat
       Varun Miglani and S.S. Kalamkar
An economic analysis of potato seed production in Haryana
       Ashu, Dalip Kumar Bishnoi, Jitender Kumar Bhatia, and O.P. Sheoran
An economic analysis of pulses production in Haryana
       Kamal, Jitender Kumar Bhatia, Dalip Kumar Bishnoi, and Nitin Bhardwaj
Problems of summer mungbean cultivation in Punjab
       Gurvinder Singh and Manmeet Kaur
Preferences for technological attributes of pigeonpea farmers in Saurashtra region (Gujarat): A conjoint analysis
       Shah Parth, N. J. Ardeshna, Daya Suvagiya, and B. Swaminathan
Effect of liberalization on growth and instability in area production and yield of major pulses in Maharashtra
      K.P. Bhagwat, V.D. Waiwal, A.V. Gavali, and D.B. Yadav
Technology adoption in the wheat crop of western Maharashtra
       C.A Nimbalkar, S.D. Shinde, V.S. Wani, and A.J. Shivgaje
Effect of weather variables on wheat productivity in Punjab, India
      Amrit Kaur Mahal and Manjeet Kaur
Economics of resource use of greengram production in Maharashtra
       U.S. Bondar, V.D.Waiwal, and A.V. Gavali  
Comparative spatio-temporal analysis of land use pattern in India and Gujarat
       A.J. Amale, R.L. Shiyani,  N.J. Ardeshna, and B. Swaminathan
A comparative analysis of crop diversification between flood and drought prone areas of Rajasthan
       Vinita Kanwal, Divya Pandey, Arti, and Sanjeev Kumar
Instability and sustainability analysis of mustard in bhind (Madhya Pradesh) and relationship with factors of production on productivity
        Ankit Soni, Pradeep Mishra, R.B. Singh, H.K. Niranjan, J.K. Gupta, and Supriya
Sub-Theme-II: Agricultural  Marketing:  Opportunities and Challenges
Economics of marketing and constraints of finger millet in south Gujarat region
      V.B. Tandel, V.M. Thumar, Narendra Singh,  and P.V. Gamit
Market integration among major maize markets in India
      Navjot Kaur, Raj Kumar, and Ravneet Singh Brar
Consumer perspective on green agricultural marketing practices
       Poulami Mukherjee and Sanica Abbott
Regional market integration and sustainable development: The nexus and policy implications
       Sendhil, Shweta Bijla, Darshnaben Mahida, Jagruti Das, Manjisha Sinha, Arghyadeep Das, and T. Kumareswaran
Study of marketed surplus, sale pattern, price spread and price behaviour of rapeseed-mustard in Punjab
       Pankaj Goyal, Raj Kumar, and Rohit Saini
Diagnostic study of farmers in context of cost and return analysis, price spread analysis and marketing pattern in Mantalai village of Udhampur district
       Anil Bhat, Jyoti Kachroo, S.E.H. Rizvi, Manish Kumar Sharma, Sudhakar Dwivedi, S.P. Singh, M. Iqbal, J. Bhat, and Rakesh Kumar
India's foreign trade of agricultural products in free market economy
       Sukhpal Singh, H.S. Kingra, Shruti Bhogal, and Sumit Bhardwaj
Production and marketing challenges of strawberry cultivation in Haryana
      Shiv Prakash, Debashis Sarkar, Dalip Kumar Bishnoi, and  Ram Singh
Agricultural land marketing pattern in south-western region of Punjab
       Harish Kumar and M.K. Sekhon
Impact of globalization on transforming India's economy: A post reforms analysis
       Kamlesh Goyal
Price spread and marketing efficiency in the marketing of rapeseed and mustard in Bathinda district of Punjab
       Kamalpreet Kaur and Parminder Kaur
Determinants of consumption and willingness to pay for fermented probiotic dairy products in metropolitan Delhi
       Jagruti Das and R. Raju
An economic analysis of the marketing of mustard in Fatehabad district of Haryana
       Ravi Shankar Verma and Rakesh Rathore
Modeling of sugar prices volatility in India using autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity models
      Pooja Gamit, Alpesh Leua, and Vishal Tandel
Economic analysis of natural amla candy processing, enhancing farmer income
      Gunish Rai, Rahul Gupta, and Karanvir Gill
Farm Income, Employment, Credit and Investment
Extent of credit availed by rural households in Punjab: Purpose-wise and source-wise analysis
       Lovepreet Singh and Arjinder Kaur
Determinants of credit availability among farmers: A case of banana tissue culture
       J. Sebastian, P. Kumar, G.K. Jha, and K.V. Praveen
A study on acquisition, use and repayment pattern of kisan credit card scheme in Himachal Pradesh
       K.D. Sharma, Divya Sharma, and Mahima Ghabru
Trend of capital formation in agriculture: Hadoti region of Rajasthan
       Pradeep Joliya, V. Kamalvanshi, Saket Kushwaha, and Shilpi
Non-farm employment and implication on agriculture sector in rural India
       Prem Chand, Sulakshana Rao, Subash S.P., and L. Malangmeih
Impact of public sector capital investment in Punjab agriculture
       Shaveta Garg
Effect of non-farm employment on farm commercialization in rural agricultural India
       Subhash Jagdambe, C.P. Shiji, S.P. Subash, and S.J. Balaji
Rural indebtedness and farm and non-farm credit
      Pushpinder Jit Kaur and Anupama
Indebtedness among rural households-A case for Bathinda district of Punjab
       Rupinder Kaur  and Gagandeep Kaur
Structure of credit and indebtedness among rural farm households in Punjab
      Rajwant Kaur and Sharanjit Singh Dhillon
Farm investment and income variations across different farm size categories and regions in Punjab
       Manjeet Kaur, Sukhpal Singh, V.K. Sharma, H.S. Kingra, and Rakhi Arora
Asset inequalities among farm households in rural Punjab
       Jasdeep Singh Toor, Gian Singh, and Naresh Kumar
Delivery and transaction costs of agricultural credit in central dry zone of Karnataka
       A. Jamaludheen and V.R. Kiresur
Poverty among scheduled caste households in rural Punjab
      Balwinder Singh, Ravita, and Manpreet Kaur
Credit for investment: Its magnitude and sources in Punjab agriculture
       Rohit Saini and Raj Kumar
Role of Subsidiary Occupations in Sustaining Agriculture
Economics of goat rearing in Ahmednagar district
       P.P. Pawar, S.M. Garje, and D.B.Yadav
Comparative economics of crossbred cow versus Pandharpuri buffalo milk production in western Maharashtra
      R.B. Hile, D.J. Sanap, and D.B.Yadav
Economics of gur khadsari enterprise in Punjab-A study of an agro-based industry
       Pardeep Kaur and Mini Goyal
Availability of green fodder in various zones of Punjab state
        Harparteet Singh, Varinder Pal Singh, and Inderpreet Kaur
A temporal analysis on population and production of livestock sector in India with special reference to Punjab
      Namami Gohain and P.K.S. Bhangu
Structural changes in dairy sector of Karnataka state: A regional analysis
       G. Makarabbi, G. Balaganesh, G.V. Rohith, L. Priscilla, and R.S. Bhawar
Potential impact of dairy cooperatives on sustainable milk production: evidence from Gujarat
       Darshnaben Mahida, R. Sendhil, Smita Sirohi, B.S. Chandel, K. Ponnusamy, and Gopal Sankhala
Role of dairy cooperatives in strengthening value chain of liquid milk and its sustainability in Karnataka:
Findings from preliminary study
       M. Vanishree, R. Sendhil, Smita Sirohi, A.K. Chauhan, H.M. Rashmi, and K. Ponnusamy
Decomposing the effect of technological change in milk production in Khunti and Hazaribagh districts of Jharkhand
      Aniketa Horo and B.S. Chandel
Comparison of economics of poplar-fodder crop-based agroforestry under boundary and block plantation in
      Haridwar, North India Himshikha, Charan Singh, and Charan Singh

Agriculture: Socio-economic Issues and Changes
Research contribution for rice productivity growth in Gujarat: As reflected by TFP and RRI
       M.G. Dhandhalya, V.D. Tarpara, and Haresh Chavda
Popularization of direct seeded rice for sustainability in Sangrur district of Punjab
      Prabhjot Kaur, Jasvir Singh Gill, Pankaj Kumar, and Parmveer Singh
Purchasing behaviour of farmers' towards non-durable inputs: A case study
       Parmeshwar Kushwaha and Rakesh Singh
Photovoltaic water pumping system: Farmers' knowledge and attitude of Hisar district in Haryana state
       Anil Kumar, Ashok Kumar Godara, and Jitender Kumar Bhatia
Educational status of rural youth in Sangrur district of Punjab
       Mehak Jain, Simran Kang Sidhu, and Shalini Sharma                               
Changing dimensions of women status in Punjab
       Randeep Kaur and Lavleen Kaur
Economic sustainability through women self help groups in tribal area of Gujarat
       Nilam Rathod and Ganga Devi
Factors affecting awareness of farmers about genetically modified crops in Punjab
       Pranoy Ray and V.K. Rampal
Entrepreneurial behavior of banana growers in Durg district of Chhattisgarh
      Archit Kumar Nayak and Nahar Singh
An analysis of occupational gap: Duncan dissimilarity approach
      Jaspil Kaur
Entrepreneurial behavior of the agro-processing complex owners, trained by Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
       Priyanka Sharma and Ravinder Kaur Dhaliwal
Opinion of teachers towards quality assurance in higher agricultural education
       Ritu Shah and Gyanendra Sharma
Problems faced by farmers in direct seeded rice- A case study
       Shayar Brar, Pankaj Kumar, and Prabhjot Kaur
Comparative analysis of knowledge level of the trained and untrained dairy farmers of Punjab
       Parmveer Singh, Vipan Kumar Rampal, and Simran Kang Sidhu
Protective products for agricultural activities
       Rajdeep Kaur, Sandeep Bains, and Manisha Sethi
Potential and constraints in contract farming of chicory cultivation
       Parminderjeet Singh and Baljinder Kaur Sidana
Adoption of entrepreneurial activities of members of PAU Kisan Club (Ladies Wing)
       Rajwinder Kaur, Rupinder Kaur, and Parmveer Singh
Comparative performance of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme of rural women labour participants in Punjab and Karnataka: Analysis and their problems and suggestions
       Syed Rizwan Ahmed, Sanjay Kumar, Jasdev Singh, and Murtuza Khan
Perceptions of rural women about degradation of renewable natural resources in Kandi area of Punjab
        Jaspreet Kaur, Varinder Randhawa, and Ritu Mittal
Extent, magnitude and causes of tenancy in central zone of Punjab
       Jagjeet Singh and M K Sekhon
Child and maternal nutrition in the granary of india: A study on vulnerable in Punjab
       Shalini Sharma, Ranjeet Kaur and Simran K. Sidhu
Readers reactions towards the content provided by the mobile  based agro-advisory services
       Harmandeep Kaur Sidhu and Lavleesh Garg
Constraints faced by women entrepreneurs of Ropar district
       Mandeep Sharma and Vipan Kumar Rampal
Exploring the farmer`s attitude towards paddy straw burning in Punjab
       Taptej Singh, Narinder Deep Singh, and Amritpal Kaur
Utilization of information sources by Bt cotton farmers in Punjab
       Jagmit Singh and Dharminder Singh
Retailing of traditional flowers by women and household livelihood security- evidences from two districts of eastern dry zone of Karnataka
       Avinash, C.P. Gracy, and B.L. Chidananda
Rapporteuers’ Reports